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Salon Wrapup for February 28, 2010

The powers that be deemed it that both Blogettes for the Salon - Erin Cronican and myself, be too ill to attend the Salon on the 28th. As Tanya emailed me, "Richard Skipper was astounding as Carol Channing, Dana Lorge was brilliant as our Special Guest, and the visit from Marilyn Maye was amazing." So, I'm most put out by my immune system to have missed the event! But Tanya did email me the list of singers for the show that evening, and I included them here along with a few of their performances I know are coming up in the month of March.

For those who haven't seen Richard Skipper as Carol Channing, please visit his website for more on the history of this fantastic tribute. Please see the bottom of this blog for information on his upcoming appearance as Carol on March 13th!


The first half of the evening started off with Richard Skipper as Carol Channing. Next sang Mark Levy, Sigali Hamberger (who has two upcoming shows at the Metropolitan Room late March!), and a duo of Michael McDonald w/Jillian Laurain on Piano & Self on Harmonica (is this the first Harmonica at the Salon?!). Barry Levitt then took over the piano from Mark and accompanied Jillian Laurain, then Dora Rubin. Next sang Michael Colby, Joey Infante, and Gretchen Reinhagen (who is bringing back her Kaye Ballard tribute to the Metropolitan Room March 27th), Stacy Ward MacAdams - who accompanied himself on piano, Camille Savitz w/Barry Levitt and Helena Grenot w/Barry Levitt, Maureen Taylor, Arianna, the always lovely Sue Matsuki, and Marnie Klar. The wonderful, legendary Marilyn Maye finished off the first half with two songs.

The second half, still hosted and introduced by "Carol Channing" herself, began with a three-song set by the evening's guest artist, Dana Lorge. Sam Bagala then took over the Classical Corner segment with two pieces. Next sang Tanya Moberly, Cindy Marchionda, Richie Eisenberg, and Michelle Collier (who has her "Tribute to Hollywood Blondes" at Don't Tell Mama March 13th). Barry Levitt then accompanied Sunny Leigh, then Janice Hall. Then sang Mark Watson, who will be co-hosting the Salon on April 4th with the theme of “All the Sounds of the Earth Are Like Music – Songs About Sounds.” The last singers of the evening were Bobbie Horowitz, David Ballard, Mary Lahti, and Joe Regan, Jr. Carol Channing completed the show with one final song for the evening.

March 13th at 9:30pm

with Tim Taylor on Piano
36 Broad Street, Bloomfield Center, Bloomfield, NJ
$25 ticket, ($12 food/drink min. pp in cabaret room)
Reservations: 973-743-7209.
Following the show, please stay and dance in the main lounge.

Richard Skipper as Carol Channing - Dillon's Supper Club, NYC - Jan 10, 2004
Photo by Kate Lacey, courtesy New York Post.

-Sierra Rein
The Blogette for The Salon

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  1. I had a ball as usual. What a great evening it was. Thanks to Tanya and Mark and especially Carol Channing.

    Helena Grenot