Monday, May 16, 2011

We want to hear from you!

Sierra here! Boy we had a terrific night last night, as Stephen Hanks co-hosted the theme of "Moulin Rouge."  I'm going to take a bit of time this week to type up the blog entry for that evening.  In the meantime...

That there text is a link to a very short (VERY SHORT) survey that I've put up for our Salon regulars and Salon fans to fill out.  Now that we are taking a break, the Board members want to know what the best communication tool is for you, and we want to hear any good times or constructive criticism you may have of The Salon.  (Criticism you say!?!?! We just won a MAC Award! Yes, but...there's always room for improvement)! So, please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey and help The Salon become an even better Open Mic experience!

Mark Janas will be away at Maine State Theater - the next Salon will be on June 10th, 2011 (Theme to be announced, but the co-host will be the amazingly wonderful Adam Shapiro!!!!) and will resume every Sunday through Labor Day!

-Sierra Rein
The Blogette for The Salon
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