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The Salon Wrap-Up for October 2nd: Sweet Revenge!

It was a dark and stormy night in NYC....the perfect setting for an evening of Sweet Revenge!

Our evening's host,Gabrielle Stravelli, got us started with the bitter "Goody Goody" - a song she claimed a revenge themed evening couldn't do without.

Barb Malley sang the "almost revenge song "I'm Gonna Laugh you Right Out of My Life." On November 13th at 1pm, Barb will be performing at the Laurie Beechman Theatre performing in a benefit for the Jackie Robinson Foundation directed by Barry Kleinbort.

Court Graves debuted a new song - "Whatever it Takes" - from the brand new musical, Play It Cool.  Court has been busy traveling all over with his Brazilian Jazz Show and has just gone into the studio to start work on a CD.

Paul Kolecki accompanied himself on the Tom Leherer classic, "Poisoning Pigeons in thtse Park," dedicating it to the obnoxious pigeons residing outside his window.

Nicholas Levin performed one of his original songs - "Director's Cut." It was a lyrically brilliant piece about a man editing the "bad parts" out of his home movies to make his relationship appear as he wanted it - a la George Lucas and Star Wars.  Nick will be performing with Donna Coney Island on October 6th as part of Steve, the Whistler, Herbst's After Glow concert.

The beautiful Sarah Rice sang a fitting trio from her "Screen Gems" concerts - Temptation, Jealousy, and Revenge - even breaking out the castanets!  Sarah will be performing in a benefit for Zani's Furry Friends at the Laurie Beechman Theatre the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 7pm as well as co-hosting the Salon on November 6th to the theme of "Puppy Love."

Matthew Martin Ward accompanied himself on "If I Ever Love Again" which went into a gender-bending "That'll Show Him" from a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Raissa Katona Bennet sang "Hard to Handle."  Raissa will be hosting the Tudor City Greens concert on October 5th - which will also feature our own Tanya Moberley.

David Ballard once again graced us with one of his original songs - the hysterical "Now That You're Dying." It reveals the true feelings of a less than loving wife for her soon-to-be-deceased-by-her-hand husband.

Arianna brought out the tongue twisting "If (You Hadn't but You Did)" from the Comden/Green/Styne musical review "Two on the Aisle."

Etcetterette Janice Hall sang a song which was "not revenge, but could be construed as a threat," Henry Mancini's  "Meglio Stasera."  Janice will be co-hosting the Salon on October 30th.

The revenge theme was perfect for classical corner as one of the main themes of opera IS revenge.  To that end, Mark brought back the lovely Sarah Rice to sing the most famous revenge song ever - Der Holle Roche better known as the Queen of the Night's Vengeance Aria.

Gabrielle started off the second half of the evening with a jazzy "Devil May Care."  She then sang an original tune - "Didn't You Tell Me?" which was the inspiration for the evening's theme, and ended her set with "Cry Me a River" in a smokey smooth voice.  You can catch Gabrielle every Sunday at Le Pescadeux from 12:30 to 4pm.

Tanya Moberly sang an appropriately angry rendition of "I Don't Remember Christmas."  Tanya has oh so many things coming up in the near future - she will be appearing at er Tudor City Greens concert on October 5th,  she is directing Marni Klar's cabaret show which will play at Don't Tell Mama on October 3rd, November 1st, and December 5th, as well as performing TWO of her own cabaret shows at Don't Tell Mama on October 17thOctober 24th, November 7th, and November 14th.

Kevin McMullen sang the comedy patter song "Say We're Sweethearts Again," about a poor fellow who doesn't realize the cute things his sweetheart is doing are actually attempts on his life!

Susan Hodgdon sang a beautiful "I Don't Know How to Love Him."  Susan's emotional connectivity to everything she sings is really wonderful.  She will also be appearing at Don't Tell Mama this month on October 23rd "On the Bumpy Road to Love."

All the way from London, Frank Loman sang what he referred to as "A revenge of Sondheim on singers" - "Can That Boy Foxtrot."  Frank and Ellen Vereneikes - the "Lyrical Linguists from London" will be appearing at Don't Tell Mama on October 5th at 7pm.

Joan Jaffe gave us a list of life threatening things to do when you are "Too Old to Die Young."  You can see more of this funny lady on October 9th12th26thl and 30th.

Father Jeff Hamblin, one of the Salon's sponsor's joined us after spending the morning blessing the animals of his congregation.  He was proud to let us know he blessed over forty animals "without being bitten, pissed, or pooped on!"  Quite an accomplishment!  He explained to us that, while he came from a musical family, he has never been able to learn lyrics.  His family insisted he was "the smart one" and therefore should be able to make up lyrics.  He realizes now that they were trying to make him a lyricist.  To show off his lyrical abilities, he gave us his very own rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening."

It turns out, Janice Hall had a birthday this past week.  In honour of this Bill Zeffiro played her song request.  Bill will be playing every Tuesday night  at La Mediteranee from 8 to 11.  Only a one drink minimum.  On October 23rd, he will be performing an Evening of Noel Coward at the Algonquin's Oak Room.

Gabrielle ended the evening with "Don't Worry About Me" -  a song that was "not technically a revenge song, but trying to be."

Remember!  There will be no Salon this Sunday, October 9th, but  we will return on Sunday, October 16th co-hosted by The Cougars - Patricia Fitzpatrick, Helena Grenot & Dana Lorge.  The evening's optional theme will be "Inappropriate Songs for Weddings & Funerals."  Hope to see you there! 

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