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The Salon Wrap-Up for January 15, 2012 "Eleven O'Clock Numbers"

The Golden Globes, frigid weather, and Giants playoff game couldn’t keep the Salon family from coming out to sing, and we were so glad they did… for this week’s theme was the show stopping, “Eleven O’Clock Numbers.” As Mark Janas, Salon Founder & Host, explained: in the “olden days” shows started at 8:30pm (to accommodate dining before the performance), and the star’s big number was normally scheduled around 11pm (in the 2nd act.) These numbers are usually big and powerful, expressing the character's needs and wants, or showing a turn-around for their story. With that explanation, we knew we were in for a treat from our talented guests!

Co-hosting this evening was the lovely and free spirited, Kristine Zbornik. Kristine brought an amazing energy and a bit of sassy language to The Salon, which had the audience in stitches for much of the night. She opened the show with the iconic song, “The Man Who Got Away” from the movie, “The Star is Born.” Kristine then sang, “No More Tears” as a duet between Barbra Streisand and Ethel Merman, which then morphed into a hilarious version of “Enough is Enough” complete with 1970s hustle-esque dance break.
Co-Host Kristine Zbornik
Carolann Sanita was our first guest at the mic, and she sang the touching, “actor-bug” song, “A Way Back to Then” from the cult favorite, “Title of Show.” Carolann is performing her cabaret, “Life Happens” here at the Salon through our new series, “Salon Presents” - there are 2 shows on February 20: 7pm and 9:30. To reserve your tickets, you can email Salon Producer, Tanya Moberly, at Elisa Pupko was next, with the heartbreaking ballad, “Just Not Now,” from the Off-Broadway musical, “I Love You Because.” Susan Hodgson brought in the haunting “Follies” eleven o’clock number, “Losing My Mind.” Susan is performing her show, “On The Bumpy Road to Love” on February 25 at Don’t Tell Mama.

Susan Hodgson
Adam Shapiro charmed us with the upbeat and adorable, “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat” from Frank Loesser’s “Guys and Dolls.” The next singer to come to the stage was Edie Stokes, who sang “I Concentrate On You” by Cole Porter. She told us that she was mentioned on one of the Top Ten Cabaret Performances list in 2011- congrats, Edie! Richie Eisenberg came next with his original tune, “Love Isn’t Easy To Do.” We’re hoping that someday this song will be added to a full length show as the eleven o’clock number! (hint hint...)

Richie Eisenberg
Janice Hall, Salon regular and valued Etceterette, sang her version of the eleven o’clock number (meaning: it’s French) - the Edith Piaf song, “L”Accordeoniste.” Matthew Martin Ward, who was at one time the musical director for the Isadora Duncan Dance group, played a tune from one of their programs, “Soriabin Etude in D# Minor.” (He played this while asking us to imagine a woman in a red dress stomping on the floor!) Your Blogette, Erin Cronican, was next with Frank Wildhorn’s “A New Life”, sung by the character of Lucy in “Jekyll & Hyde.” And Maureen Taylor, tonight’s Etceterette, brought up the gorgeous, “Children Of The Wind” from Charles Strouse’s, “Rags.”

For this week’s Classical Corner, Mark talked about what it would take for a solo pianist to have an Eleven O’Clock number. Here are a few key requirements for the song:

• a good beginning, something that hooks you
• a good lyrical theme
• a sense of virtuosity, technique or show off (for example, a song that is very left-hand heavy)
• a dynamite ending
Host Mark Janas
To demonstrate each of these, Mark took to the piano with examples from Ravel, Beethoven, Chopin and others. He also brought up Matthew Martin Ward to demonstrate a left hand section from the piece Matthew played earlier. Once these examples were completed, Mark mused about what song might satisfy all of the criteria at once. One specific song came immediately to mind - Chopin’s “Polanaise in A Flat Major”, which he went on to play -- phenomenal! Really, Classical Corner is one of the most unique musical experiences in the city - and you can only get it here!

Second Set

From the radio musical, “Tales From The City”, Salon Co-Host Kristine Zbornik sang, “Ride ‘Em Hard” (yep, you read that correctly) with backup singers Tanya Moberly, Erin Cronican and Maureen Taylor as backup singers. Her next song (normally sung by a male character) was, “Her Face,” from the musical, “Carnival.” For the final song of the set, Kristine gave us her very best Gypsy Rose Lee, with “Rose’s Turn.” Tanya Moberly brought us Stephen Schwartz’s “Where is the Warmth” from “The Baker’s Wife.” David Ballard brought up the completely unexpected, and in no way type-cast, “Way Ahead of My Time” by Peter Mills. (ha!)
David Ballard
Marnie Klar gave us the sultry and vulnerable, “Maybe This Time” from Kander & Ebb’s “Cabaret” - which might be one of my favorite songs she’s sung. Great job, Marnie! Jack DiMonte, a friend of Kristine’s from year’s ago, came to the mic next with the ballad, “Something Cool.” Joseph DiSalle, a new friend of The Salon, sang “Cycles” by Gayle Caldwell.

Joseph DiSalle
The final song of the evening was sung by our lovely co-host, Kristine Zbornik, the quintessential closer, “And The World Goes Round.” We were so tickled to have Kristine with us - she really is a consummate performer!
Co Host Kristine Zbornik
NEXT WEEK: The optional theme for the evening is “One of a Kind.” Bring along any song that talks about being unique, your favorite things, your first time, or even songs about card games (though, I wouldn't wish a "one of a kind" hand on you.) We also welcome songs that are off-theme, and be sure to bring a second option, in case your song has already been reserved. Our Co-Host will be the wonderfully creative (and stylish!), Rosemary Loar.

-Erin Cronican
Blogette for The Salon
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