Monday, July 2, 2012

Pictures from Mark Janas' 60th Birthday Celebration

Steve Schalchlin, Mick Bleyer, and Adam Shapiro (photo: Mary Lahti)
Shawn Harkness and Bill Zeffiro (photo: Mary Lahti)
The gorgeous Happy Birthday cake! (photo: Sierra Rein)
The Manhattan School of Music Students (photo: James Cohn)
Cindy Marchionda and Mark Janas, with Sean Harkness & Ritt Henn (photo: James Cohn)
Sean Harkness (photo: James Cohn)
Sarah Rice and Celia Burke (photo: James Cohn)
Sean Harkness is greeted by Len Cariou (photo: James Cohn)
Jane Glick, Lou Iacovino, and Melissa Heche (photo: James Cohn)
Joe Regan, Jr., Rob Langeder, Stacie Perlman, and Amy Decker (photo: James Cohn)
Marnie Klar, Maureen Taylor, and Melissa Heche (photo: James Cohn)
Marquee Five: Sierra, Mick, Vanessa, Adam, and Julie (photo: James Cohn)
Maureen Taylor (photo: James Cohn)
Len Cariou (photo: James Cohn)
Cindy Marchionda, Fr. Jeff Hamblin, Maureen Taylor (photo: James Cohn)
The Bay Ridge Church Choir, Danielle Erin Rhodes soloist (photo: James Cohn)
Julie Reyburn and band (photo: James Cohn)
"Pinocchio of Chelsea" (photo: James Cohn)
"Pinocchio of Chelsea" cast (photo: James Cohn)
Blowing out the candles! (photo: James Cohn)
Miles Phillips and Rob Langeder (photo: James Cohn)
Ed Gilmore (photo: James Cohn)
Donna Coney Island with Nicholas Levin (photo: James Cohn)
Producer Tanya Moberly and Mark (photo: James Cohn)
-Sierra Rein
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