Friday, October 11, 2013

Julie Reyburn reveals how Mark Janas inspires her in "Ten Degrees Warmer" blog feature

Julie Reyburn has submitted a beautiful post about how Mark Janas inspires her to the Ten Degrees Warmer blog - please take a moment to read the entry, entitled "11 inspiring people tell you who inspires them."

She ends her words with the following:
Mark has channeled his creativity into an amazing thing called Salon which he hosts every week with his partner and producer, Tanya Moberly. The Salon is a reflection of everything that makes up Mark Janas: Guts, Determination, Love and Acceptance. It’s on display every Sunday at Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant and we artists are grateful to them both for providing a safe haven for us to practice and embrace these lessons.
Mark is my brother, my musical partner, and my friend. He inspires me on and off stage and we are all the better for his presence in the world.
Thank you, Julie, for your beautiful words about Mark and including your Salon family with them!

-Sierra Rein
Blogette for The Salon
Please email me if I got anything wrong-o

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