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The Salon Wrap-Up for November 8, 2015 - "Historical/Hysterical"

November 8, 2015
Theme: “Historical/Hysterical”

And what a hysterical night it was!  Shawn Moninger (or shall I say Reverend Shawn Moninger) was our fabulous co-host for the evening.  He put everyone in stitches from his first appearance, and the fun never stopped.  He brought his no-nonsense hilarity to open the night, and kept the room filled with utter joy throughout the entire evening.

Shawn has been designing an unbelievable 21 years of lights and sound at Don't Tell Mama -- and as every performer knows, lights and sound can make or break your show.  So, a sincere thank you, Mr. Moninger, from performers in every part of the world.  What Shawn doesn't mention is that he has won FOUR MAC Awards and a Backstage Bistro Award for Outstanding Technical Direction.  No big deal, right? ;)  He is now a minister at Unity of Norwalk (Connecticut).  Oh, but wait -- he was nominated for another MAC Award you say?  No, not for his ministry (although, if they add a new category, I have no doubt he'd be at the top of the list), but for his stand-up.  Let me tell you: this guy can do it all, and does it all by spreading love and joy wherever he goes.  Oh, I said "does it all," right?  Yeah -- he made his cabaret debut at the Metropolitan Room the night before co-hosting the Salon!  This man is a powerhouse of Possibility.

Shawn entertained us through the evening.  First was stand-up, then he opened the second half with "Cookie Song" (wearing a shirt of cookies -- well, not made of cookies) and ended with "We Live on Borrowed Time," accompanied by his partner, the incomparable David Friedman.

Shawn is appearing at the Metropolitan again on Thursday, November 19th (9:30pm) and Wednesday, December 30 (7pm) in "Shawn Moninger ~ Because I Can."  Pretty appropriate, right? ;)

Our Salon Spotlight!

The Salon Spotlight for the evening was Marnie Klar! She is preparing her show "Tuned In," and she blessed us with a preview of some of that magic starting with "Welcome To The Jungle."  She also performed "Creep" and "This Used to Be My Playground." I HIGHLY recommend you see this show.  She brings a freshness to the cabaret world that we don't realize is at times missing.  But Ms. Klar brings it to the stage as fearlessly as she sings.  She is one to watch!

Quick Wrap: Classical Corner

We had two very special guests this week, one being the beautiful and talented, Anglo-French Alexia Carr, Classical Singer and Comedian.  Alexia started studying singing and drama after learning the violin in the conservatoire of Nimes, France.  At the Conservatoire of Toulouse, her voice (incredible) drew the attention and encouragement of José Van Dam -- no small feat.  She subsequently studied in Paris, England, Bulgaria, Monaco, Germany, and the U.S.  I imagine her passport is one of the most colorful you can find.  After winning the Prix d'Honneur at the Leopold BELLAN Competition  in Paris in 2002 and le Grand Prix Operetta "Drome Opéra" in 2006 (because you can't do one without the other, right?), she has been performing regularly with choirs and orchestras, as well as operatic roles, including the title role in Carmen in 2005, singing the famous Habanera.  While riding a horse.  Naturally.

She has given recitals in London, NYC, France, Germany, and Long Island, and her cabaret performances have included some of her own compositions and poems!  As an actress, just this year she played the title role n the historical film "Mademoiselle de La Charce," which was directed Lionel Baillemont and costarred the famous French actress Marie Christine Barrault.

Too bad this girl has so much time on her hands, right? ;)

For our other guest, we were privileged to have again the young Finnish pianist Markus Kaitila, who studies at the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College, City University of NY, and whose playing is like nothing I've ever seen or heard.  We say the same thing about Mark Janas, don't we?  You MUST attend a Salon (well, all Salons, of course) in which Markus is playing, as your artistic self with be transformed in a mere 5 minutes.  Markus had performed twice before at Salon.  The first was a duet at a previous Salon, and last week, when he told Mark he would love to come back, and Mark said, "How about tonight?" Markus played several selections by Chopin: the Impromptu, Opus 51, in G flat, and the fourth Ballade of Opus 52, in F minor, both composed in 1843. (An Impromptu is a free-form musical piece, with the character of an improvisation; a Ballade is an instrumental work with the dramatic and narrative characteristics of a song setting.)  This week he joined Alexia, and the two of them moved us all with love, drama, and even giggles.

They performed together:
"La Vie Antérieure" by Henri Duparc
"Voyage à Paris" by Francis Poulenc
"I Love Paris" by Cole Parter
"Träume" by Richard Wagner
"The Jewel Song" (Marguerite's aria) by Charles Gounod
"Habanera" (Carmen) by Georges Bizet

A WONDERFUL way to close the first set!

Roster of singers for the evening (in order of appearance):
Click link to visit the performer’s website, when available.
All piano accompaniment by Mark Janas unless otherwise noted.

Barbara Malley
Edie Stokes
Ira Lee Collings`
Richie Eisenberg
Carly Ozard
Martin Martin Ward
Sally Darling (with Matthew Martin Ward on the piano)

Mary Foster Conklin (with Bill Zeffiro tickling the ivories)
Bill Zeffiro (singing with Mary Foster Conklin)
Steve Bustamante
David Ballard
Candice Oden *moi* (with Bill Zeffiro at the keys)
Maureen Taylor
Tanya Moberly
Rob Davis
Kathryn Allyn
Anna Marie Sell

*Special Guest* Hillary Clinton! (alias: Kelly Karel)
Bobbie Horowitz

Special thanks to tonight’s pianists and guitarists: Mark JanasMatthew Martin Ward and Steve Bustamante.

And thank you to Gil Alexandre on lights and sound, our amazing waitstaff who always handle the demands of a full house with grace and style, and Steve Bustamante who is providing video footage for people interested in that service!

Upcoming shows:

Ongoing: Candice Oden is singing every Tuesday night (8:30pm) at Millesime, 92 Madison Avenue (connected to the Cartlon Hotel), NYC.

Ongoing: Bill Zeffiro can be seen every Tuesday night (8:30pm) at Millesime, 92 Madison Avenue, NYC  and every Wednesday night (8-12) at La Rivista, 313 W 46th St, NYC.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 (9:30pm) - Sierra Rein (as part of Marquee Five) guest performs in "Into Sweeney Todd's Woods" at Feinstein's/54 Below, 254 W 54th St, NYC.

Friday, November 6, 2015 (7pm) Tanya Moberly in “Songs I Feel Like Singing” (with a rotation of musicians - this date has Sean Harkness) at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - Rob Davis in “Rob’s Big Birthday Celebration” at The Metropolitan Room – 34 West 22nd St, NYC.

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 - Bobbie Horowitz is back continuing her installments "It's Just A Number" featuring last Sunday's Carly Ozard and Kelley Karel!

Friday, November 13, 2015 (9:30pm) Tanya Moberly in “Songs I Feel Like Singing” (with a rotation of musicians - this date has Ritt Henn) at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC.

Friday, November 13, Monday, November 16, 2015 (7pm & 9:30pm) - Rob Davis in “Rob’s Big Birthday Celebration” at Salon Presents, Etc Etc Restaurant, 352 W 44th St, 2nd Floor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2005 (2:30pm) - Edie Stokes is appearing in "Love Is in The Air" with Barry Levitt and Jon Burr at Don't Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - Sally Darling is appearing in “Perspectives” (musically directed by Matthew Martin Ward) at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC. *Salon Members get $5 off your cover charge!*

Thursday, November 19, 2015 (7pm) and Tuesday, December 8, 2015 (7pm) - Barb Malley is appearing in "The Best of Ricky Ritzel's Broadway" at Urban Stages, NYC. www.urbanstages.org

Friday, November 20, 2015 (9:30pm) - Tanya Moberly in “Songs I Feel Like Singing” (with a rotation of musicians - this date has Steven Ray Watkins) at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC.

December 2-13, 2015 - "Winter Rhythms" is running  featuring TONS of Salon favorites, including the beautiful Barb Malley and the handsome Matthew Martin Ward!

December 3-January 3, 2015 - Anna Marie Sell is appearing in Peccadillo Theatre Company's Christmas Show (Thornton Wilder One-Acts), at the Theatre at St. Clement's, 423 W. 46th Street, NYC, and with Kathryn Allyn, singing the songs of Irving Berlin in "Reaching For The Moon" at Cafe Noctambulo at Pangea, 178 2nd Avenue (between 11th & 12th Streets), NYC.Kathryn .

December 4-20, 2015 - Erin Cronican is appearing in “Gidion’s Knot” (assistant directed by *moi*, Candice Oden) with The Seeing Place Theater, 309 East 26th St, NYC.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - Kathryn Allyn will be crooning the songs of Irving Berlin in "Reaching For The Moon" at Cafe Noctambulo at Pangea, 178 2nd Avenue (between 11th & 12th Streets), NYC.

Sunday, December 13, 2015 (3pm & 8pm) - David Ballard is singing with the NY Gay Men’s Chrous at their Holiday concert at Town Hall, NYC.

Sunday, December 13, 2015 (5pm) and Saturday, December 19, 2015 - Sally Darling is appearing in “Perspectives” (music directed by Matthew Martin Ward) at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W 46th St, NYC.

February, 2016 Kelley Karel will be performing in her one-woman show, "Hillary Confidential," at The Duplex, 61 Christopher Street (at 7th Avenue), NYC.

February, 2016 - Mary Foster Conklin is releasing her new CD, "Photographs," and will be performing at Birdland that same month.

REMINDER: There is no Salon next week (November 15)

IN TWO WEEKS!  The theme for the evening of November 22nd will be ... Why, "Thankful," of course!
We are approaching Thanksgiving and all of those other holidays that we are supposed to jumble together (in order for no one to feel left out). ;)  And that creates a special reminder to be thankful for absolutely everything and everyone we have.  Who or what will YOU honor?  Themes are always, of course, optional -- any material is welcome at our home for creativity and growth, the Salon!

See you on November 22, 2015! :)
Candice Oden
Guest Blogette for the Salon
(Updates? Changes? Email me!)

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