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The Salon Wrap-Up for July 23, 2017: "Along for the Ride"

Tonight, beloved Salon regular and talented composer Richie Eisenberg took over the hosting duties for the first time. He opened the evening with--what else?--one of his original songs, titled--what else?--"Come Along for the Ride." He had a little help from his friends Adam B. Shapiro, Rob Langeder, and Stacie Perlman Langeder, and venerable Maestro Barry Levitt was Richie's accompanist for this and subsequent numbers.

After the break, Richie returned to present Adam, Rob, and Stacie singing numbers from his Metropolitan Room show, "Smile on My Face." First up was "Would you Like to Take a Walk" a breezy romantic number performed by Rob and Stacie. Then the two performers changed the mood with the dramatic, country-western flavored "Sorry is the Saddest Word I Know." To close out the set, Richie introduced "Moishe" and "Esther" (Adam and Stacie), an old married couple reminiscing about how they met and fell in love in the charming "Grandma Meets Grandpa." (No funny business until we are "yesterday wed!")

For his closing number, Richie accompanied himself on one of his signature songs, "Never Too Late." To be sure, it's never too late for the audience to fall in love with Richie's music!

Salon Spotlight:
Tonight's Spotlight performer was the lovely Ann Kittredge, singing songs from her show, "It's About Time," beautifully accompanied by Wendy Cavett. Ann is returning to the stage after taking time away to raise her family, and she said that the most wonderful thing about returning to the cabaret world was the sense of community she has felt at, among other places, The Salon. Thank you, Ann!
Her set began with a lively I Just Wanted You To Know, followed by the tender ballad Stop Time. which obviously has a very deep meaning for her as a mother, watching her children grow up and become independent. She closed out her set with Jim Croce's I Got a Name, with Wendy providing the luminous harmonies.

Quick Wrap - Classical Corner
In tonight's Classical Corner, Mark focused attention on the Barcarolle, a musical form associated with Venetian gondoliers. The barcarolle features a rolling rhythm which is reminiscent of being on the water, almost invariably in 6/8 meter at a moderate tempo. The first example he presented was the well-known Barcarolle from Offenbach's opera The Tales of Hoffmann, sung by Maureen Taylor, and yours truly (Janice Hall). Then he presented a contrasting piece, Barcarolle in F-sharp minor, by Chopin. For the grand finale, Julie Reyburn joined Mark in a special arrangement of the William Finn song I'd Rather Be Sailing, in which Mark incorporated the melodies and rhythms of both the Chopin and Offenbach barcarolles. Truly a stunning creation, evoking summer nights on the water!

Roster of performers for the evening (in order of appearance):Click link to visit the performer’s website or other links, when available.
All piano accompaniment by Mark Janas unless otherwise noted.

 Richie Eisenberg (with Adam B. Shapiro, Rob Langeder, and Stacie Perlman Langeder, Barry Levitt at the piano)
Sallie Jo Hadley (Barry Levitt at the piano)
Jerome Weinstein
 Zach Wobensmith
Bobbie Horowitz 
Barb Malley
Sonja Stuart
Monica Salvi (Michael Ferreri at the piano)
Janice Hall  (Matthew Martin Ward at the piano)
Matthew Martin Ward
Maureen Taylor
SALON SPOTLIGHT--Ann Kittredge (Wendy Cavett at the piano)
CLASSICAL CORNER--Mark Janas, with Maureen Taylor, Janice Hall, and Julie Reyburn


Richie Eisenberg presents his songs, sung by Rob Langeder, Stacie Perlman Langeder, and Adam B. Shapiro (Barry Levitt at the piano)
Tanya Moberly
 Ray Cohn (Richie's uncle!)
Adam B, Shapiro
Julie Reyburn
Bobbie Horowitz 
Barb Malley (Matthew Martin Ward at the piano)
Zach Wobensmith
Maureen Taylor
Monica Salvi (Michael Ferreri at the piano)
Janice Hall (Matthew Martin Ward at the piano)
Matthew Martin Ward
Richie Eisenberg

Special thanks to tonight’s musicians: Mark Janas, Barry Levitt, Matthew Martin Ward, Michael Ferreri, Ray Cohn

Thank you to this evening's videographer, Michael Stever, to Gil Alexandre on lights and sound, and to our amazing waitstaff!

Ongoing Shows:

Monday nights (7pm): Opera Open Mic at Shanghai Mong with Mark Janas and Matthew Martin Ward, 30 West 32nd Street, NYC.

This summer: Tanya Moberly is judging Mama's Next Big Act at Don't Tell Mama, 343 West 46th Street, NYC, and a few of our regular Salon members are taking part!

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, July 29th (4pm): Ann Kittredge, with Wendy Cavett at the piano, reprises her show, "It's About Time," at Don't Tell Mama, 345 W 46th Street, NYC

Friday, September 15th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Sean Harkness at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

Monday, September 18th (7pm): Bobbie Horowitz hosts the latest installment in her series "It's Just a Number," at the Metropolitan Room, 34 W 22nd St, NYC.

Friday, October 6th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Ritt Henn at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

Saturday, October 7th (4pm): Monica Salvi will bring all her "Mad Women in My Attic" as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival in Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street, NYC.

 Monday, October 16th (6pm): Opening night of the Cabaret Convention features Adam B. Shapiro and Tanya Moberly! Rose Theatre, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway at 60th Street.

Friday, October 27th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Ian Herman at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

Friday, November 17th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Mark Janas at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

Friday, December 8th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Steven Ray Watkins at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

Friday, December 29th (7pm): Tanya Moberly and Sean Harkness at Don't Tell Mama, 345 West 46th Street, NYC.

NEXT SALON! Sunday, July 30th, the theme of the evening will be "Ham and Cheese," with co-host Georgia Osborne, Steven Ray Watkins at the piano, and Salon Spotlight Lennie Watts.

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